How can I make sure you are a Shopify partner?

Every Shopify partner has a referral link for sign-ups, kindly sign up through our link HERE (https://www.shopify.com/?ref=designnova).

If you still have doubts, you can contact Shopify support team to make sure. 

What should I provide after payment? 

Please provide us: 

  • As we are Shopify Partner We will make you the owner of your website without asking for any password, just send us your email so we can invite you to your website
  • Company's name
  • Niche's name 
  • An email address so we can contact you 
  • The colors you want your store to have 
  • Lastly, a great review when your store is delivered 

Do you only create E-commerce Dropshipping Websites?

We create all kind of e-commerce websites, Dropshipping included, if you have physical products or services to sell we are here to make you a great website at affordable prices and short time. 

How do I choose my Niche & Domain?

We will work with you finding a great niche. We will request from you to tell us your future store's name so we can suggest you the available domains. 

How long does my website take to be ready? 

The whole setup takes around 2 weeks.

How can I choose the products? 

After finding the niche, we will import the winning products to your store. We do a lot of research and analysis to find you the best products. If you didn't like what we have chosen for you, you can simply send us all the links of the products that you want on aliexpress.com  

How can I choose my theme? 

Click HERE to choose your theme, then send us the theme's link that you seriously want it to be set in your online store. Please remember that if you choose the paid themes, you have to buy it, we do not buy paid themes for youKindly take your time in choosing your theme because once you send us the link, we will work on it.

How many products do you import into my future online store?

We import 30 products maximum to your website.

Do you name the products and write descriptions? 

Products already have a name and description, We don't edit names and description, but if you would like to edit it, you're completely free. 

Do you design logos? 

Yes, we provide you 3 logos, and you pick the one that suits you.

Are my products or services guaranteed to make sales? 

Your E-commerce website will be a business model, the results depend on the work you put in. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee results, but we can say that if you follow our recommendations after your store is done, you would have a high success rate. 

How can I choose my suppliers? 

Please note that when you tell us about your niche, we will research to find you the winning products, then we will import them into your store, we will use aliexpress.com to import your products, most of the aliexpress suppliers do Dropshipping but we recommend that you contact them to make sure they Dropship the products we chose so you don't get to cancel your customers orders and have this bad surprise.