Founder's Message

Dear Future Entrepreneurs

I fed up being suffering from the corporate jobs working like a machine for 7 hours. To put an end to that suffering, I struggled until my first e-commerce website comes to be a "reality", spent hundreds of Euros to get the first sale 3 months after launching my store and I of course learned new things with every single euro I've spent.

Don't let cheaters tell you "you are going to be a millionaire in one month" because the hardest mountains summit gives the most beautiful view and landscape. To climb this mountain you're going to be hurt, hungry, thirsty, tired and you especially need TIME. If you are not ready to spend few dollars and make an effort to achieve your goals then you will never take real steps. Be patient, wait for people to know you on social media. Don't quit, and don't listen to quitters. Also, don't forget this rule - "to make money you have to spend money".


Hope you all achieve your goals, and build an empire that makes millions, so you can provide an awesome life for yourself and for your family. Best Wishes.